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Safety operation procedure for chipper


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Safety operation procedure for chipper

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During the operation, please remember safety is first in any cases ,even if we are able to skillfully operate some mechanical equipment. During the operation of the chipper, we still need to strictly follow the safe operation procedure.

1. Personal protective equipment must be prepared. Besides, the operating rules of chippers must be fully communicated with operators.

2. Before starting up, it is required to check whether all parts of the safety devices are fully prepared and firm, otherwise it is prohibited to start up. In addition, please check all kinds of cutting tools to ensure that they cannot be damaged and cracked, so as not to affect normal operation.

3. When the machine starts, the operator should stand in a safe position and her/his body should not be close to any rotating part.

4. It is necessary to clear the wood chips after the chipper shuts down.

5. Fire-fighting equipment on construction sites must be prepared to ensure that they are firmly placed and conveniently used. Open fire and smoking must be avoided. Flammable materials, oil-cotton yarns, etc. shall not be placed near wood. Timber in all places should be stacked neatly to ensure that the construction site is clear and safe.

6. The machine tools should be kept clean and the safety devices of rotating parts should be fully prepared and firm. The grounding wires should be well foundational, and that the bolts, nuts and other parts of the firmware should not be loosened. Finally, there should be no sundries on the toolbox.

The safe operation of chippers needs to be kept in mind at all times, because this is really an important matter. If we do not pay attention to safety issues, then our own security cannot be guaranteed and the quality cannot be assured.