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Common problems and solutions of wood chipper


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Common problems and solutions of wood chipper

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Common problems of wood chipper :

1. The bottom screens of the wood chipper or the air inlets of the pipe are partially blocked, resulting in insufficient air intake.

2. The blade of the fan is worn or the speed of the impeller is too low.

3. If the wood chips are too large, there will be cases where the air buoyancy generated by the fan is insufficient to overcome the weight of the wood chips. Large pieces of wood are easily blocked at the elbow of the duct.

4. If the raw material is too wet, the chips will tend to adhere to the inner wall of the air duct, especially in the elbow. In the winter, the ducts are often blocked due to the frozen deposits.

5. The radius of curvature of the pipe elbow delivering the wood chips is too small.


i. Control the moisture content of raw materials to ensure that the moisture content is 30-50%, and the soaked raw materials should be air-dried before chipping.

ii. Improve the chipping technology. In order to prevent blower blades or duct elbows from being stuck in the production of large wood chips, short materials below 30 cm should not be processed.

iii. The curvature radius of duct elbow should be greater than or equal to three times the diameter of duct, that is, R > 3D.

iv. Please pay attention to check whether the bottom screens and the inlets are blocked by foreign matters.

v. When the air intake is normal and the air supply pipe is not blocked, if the machine does not work, please check whether the impeller of the fan is worn and whether the speed of the fan is normal.

vi. When the wood chipper is being under operation, it can be judged that the air duct is blocked when the sound of wood chips impacting on the wall of the air duct is not heard, or when fine wood chips are discharged. At this time, the outlet of the air duct, the fan and the cyclone separator should be checked in time. Generally, the blockage of air duct mostly occurs at elbow, sometimes the outlet of cyclone separator is blocked because of the blocked discharge of vibrating screen.