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Differences between wood shredder and sawdust shredder


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Differences between wood shredder and sawdust shredder

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The wood shredder is a unified name. In fact, the wood shredder has a wide range. Wood shredders are capable of smashing many types of waste wood, including logs, branches and leaves, and scrap formworks. The wood shredder specifically includes branch shredder, wood shredder, and sawdust shredder. The sawdust crusher is nothing more than a kind of professional mechanical equipment, which mainly grinds the wood into a sawdust shape and then processes it. The design and manufacture of the wood shredder and the sawdust shredder are basically the same. They perform shredding operation using a hammer, and all the shredded materials are pumped out by a fan. But whether to change its internal structure depends on the material. Special materials such as biomass straw, corn cob, and fruit shell can be directly shredded by the wood shredder, which can be called a multifunctional well-informed Shredder.

The sawdust shredder needs to be maintained on time. Especially the wearing parts, hammers and sieve plates of the machine should be inspected frequently to prevent them from falling off and causing damage to the machine.